November 14, 2005
"MOST GETS Whatever She Wants."

That's how Movieline's Hollywood Life magazine describes femme-fatale/humanitarian Angelina Jolie in its 2005 "Most List." Miss Jolie probably gets less than we think she does, but we want to assume she has it all. That's entertainment!

A lot of these "Mosts" are kinda mean (though funny) and also about people we like. But here are some we can safely share:

Most Willing To Take Off His Shirt: Jesse Metcalfe, of "Desperate Housewives." (And why not share the wealth?)

Most Unlike Her TV Character: Mariska Hargitay of "Law & Order: SVU." (I'll say! Mariska is a big cut-up in real life, very funny and relaxed. So different from the dour, tough, sex-crimes cop she plays.)

Most In Need of Anything But Another Thriller Set in a Confined Space: Jodie Foster. (But her next is another thriller, in which she sets out to avenge herself after a brutal attack.)

Most Required Viewing in Hollywood: "Entourage." (The inside jokes and references are hilarious and right on target.)

Most Likely Never To Touch Another Camcorder: Colin Farrell. (Well, maybe. Does anyone ever really learn from mistakes?)

Most Versatile Young Actress: Rachel McAdams. (Absolutely! This is the girl to watch. With luck and good scripts she'll be the Julia Roberts of the 21st century. Not that 20th-century Julia is throwing in the towel! In fact, she'll be on Broadway this year.)

Interestingly, among all these Mosts, one celeb name is absent - Paris Hilton. Apparently Hollywood Life is the one publication that doesn't even consider Paris worthy of a diss!

FLASH! Our former ambassador to Austria, Ronald S. Lauder of the famed cosmetic family and his longtime wife, Carole, are separating amicably. They have been wed 38 years. He is now the non-executive chairman of Central European Media Enterprises. The Lauders will only say that they "remain friends" and will have no further public comment.

KYRA SEDGWICK will host this year's Gotham Awards, the prestigious fete that honors independent movies. Sedgwick, now a big TV star, thanks to "The Closer" has had a rich and varied career in the indie world. The Gotham Awards happen Nov. 30 at The Chelsea Piers . BARBRA STREISAND'S new "Guilty Pleasures" album is already her 50th gold record (she has 31 platinum discs.) Only Elvis Presley is ahead of her in sales. And the DVD box-set of her five classic TV specials is bound to be a sensational holiday gift-seller too . THAT SEXY sometimes aberrant novel written by I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, now indicted in the White House CIA agent scandal, is selling for $24,000, if Libby signed his name in it. Unsigned, the 1996 work goes for $700. You'll love it if you're into the sex life of bears, child porn, incest and homoeroticism . FAMILY HOUR at the Chateau Marmont: Ben Stiller lunching with a pal. Then, unexpectedly, in walks Ben's mom, Anne Meara. She sits with her son, and as they chat, who should call Anne but her hubby, Ben's dad, Jerry Stiller. "Guess who's here!" says Anne, passing the cell phone to Ben. A heartwarming scene at one of Hollywood's most historic hostelries.

THE BLACKSTONE Group of high finance high rollers celebrated a 20th anniversary down at Cipriani Wall Street and, though plagued by rain, traffic and a rebounding sound system, 900 people in black-tie were there. The head guys, Steve Schwarzman and Pete Peterson, who claimed they started out with a piddling $400,000, made brief speeches and then "sang" us a song. The crowd included Andy Lack of Sony, Richard Holbrooke of diplomacy, Nancy Kissinger, Barbara Walters and Blackstone's big competitor Henry Kravis and his beautiful wife, Marie-Josee. I don't know how they did it for such a crowd, but the food was superb - juicy steak, hot risotto and wonderful desserts.

I ran into publisher Mort Zuckerman and asked about his apartment, famously flooded some months back from an exploded tank on the roof. He laughed, "Yes, I was the forerunner to New Orleans."

AGAIN, a '60s icon hopes to come to Broadway! This time it's Jeff Barry who co-wrote "Leader of the Pack" and "Chapel of Love." He has a new original musical titled "Knight Life, the Girl Who Would be King," written with Robert Sternin and Prudence Fraser. (These two helped create TV's "Who's the Boss" and "The Nanny.") This show bows at the Riverside Theater in Florida's Vero Beach on Nov. 18 and - if all goes well - hits the Great White Way.

GAEL GREENE'S Citymeals-on-Wheels power lunch already has Joan Collins, Denyce Graves, Gloria Steinem, Ivana Trump and Libby Pataki saying they'll be there on Nov.18 with Paula Zahn anchoring. Kathleen Turner will read a searing passage from "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" and Bobbi Brown, Janet Sainer and Diane von Furstenberg are honorees. This is one of the city's most worthy charities; it feeds the homeless and the shut in! Call 212-687-1290 and power lunch with famous women, a real networking experience.

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